CSB Wraps Up an Eventful 2023-2024 Academic Year with New Programs, Prestigious Visitors, and Exciting Milestones


The Canadian School Bahrain Wraps Up an Eventful 2023-2024 Academic Year with New Programs, Prestigious Visitors, and Exciting Milestones

Manama, Bahrain – Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) is delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the 2023-2024 academic year, marked by significant achievements, the launch of innovative programs, and visits from distinguished guests.

This year, the school celebrated the Grand Opening ceremony in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Mohammed bin Mubarak Juma, Minister of Education. This milestone event marked the beginning of an exciting new chapter in our commitment to providing exceptional education and holistic development opportunities for our students.

We also unveiled our state-of-the-art Equestrian Centre, complete with a comprehensive horse riding program. This initiative aims to foster a love for equestrian sports and develop our students’ physical and mental well-being through horseback riding.

“We are proud of what we have achieved this year, having the grand opening of all our facilities and opening the equestrian centre solidified our commitment to creating an environment where our students can thrive and develop their sportsmanship and leadership traits. Our students have taken part in various competitions and initiatives within the Kingdom that have allowed them to showcase their talents in Arabic language studies and Islamic studies. We are looking forward to the next academic year, welcoming new students and starting the high school program,” said the Head of the Executive Committee, Ms. Mariam Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji.

Further enhancing our curriculum, the Reboot.01 Innovative Coding Institute program was introduced, which is a cutting-edge initiative designed to immerse CSB students in the world of technology and innovation. This program will equip students with the skills necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital world.

Our dedication to maintaining high educational standards has been validated by the successful inspection by the British Columbia Ministry of Education. This achievement underscores our commitment to delivering top-quality education aligned with global standards.

“The 2023-2024 academic year has been an exciting journey for our school community. Our students have shown great enthusiasm and dedication, achieving impressive milestones in both academics and extracurricular activities. From excelling in their studies to standing out in sports and the arts, they’ve made the CSB Family proud. As we move forward, we’re committed to further enriching our BC programs and supporting our students in reaching their full potential,” said the Principal of CSB, Mr. Bill Bartlett.

The vision of Canadian School Bahrain, as envisioned by the Founder, Mr. Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji, is to nurture students who are deeply rooted in their culture, confident in their abilities, and empowered to achieve academic excellence. “The selection of the British Columbia Curriculum underscores our commitment to providing a world-class education while seamlessly integrating local values and principles. As we reflect on the remarkable achievements of our students over the past five years, we eagerly anticipate the launch of our high school graduate program, which promises to further elevate our standards of excellence.”

Our students have showcased their talents and dedication by participating in various competitions for Arabic and Islamic studies, earning accolades and recognition for their outstanding performances. These achievements highlight the importance of cultural and religious studies in our curriculum.

We were honored to welcome members of the Shura Council for an insightful visit, where they engaged with our students and staff, gaining a deeper understanding of our educational philosophy and the unique programs we offer.

Community service is a cornerstone of our school’s values. Through the Hand by Hand Club, our students have actively contributed to community outreach programs, demonstrating compassion and social responsibility.

In addition to academic and community service pursuits, our students are developing their leadership and entrepreneurship skills. These initiatives aim to prepare them for future challenges and opportunities, fostering a generation of confident and capable leaders.

We are proud to celebrate the graduation of our KG2 students, marking the fifth year of successful preschool graduates. This milestone is a testament to our commitment to early childhood education and the foundational skills our young learners acquire.

A highlight of the year was the Sustainability Fair organized by our middle school students. This event was based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), with projects representing various SDGs such as life below water, affordable and clean energy, and climate action. Our students demonstrated their creativity and commitment to sustainability, hosting parents and Ms. Jehan S. Al-Murbati, Portfolio Manager at the United Nations Development Programme in the Kingdom of Bahrain, who were impressed by the innovative and impactful projects on display.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the implementation of our high school graduate program in the next academic year. This expansion reflects our dedication to providing a continuous and comprehensive educational journey for our students, from early childhood through to secondary education.

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