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Reboot 01

<span>Reboot 01</span><br>Revolutionizing Tech Education

Reboot 01
Revolutionizing Tech Education

Canadian School Bahrain embraces the future of technology education with 'Reboot 01', an innovative on-campus coding institute powered by 01Edu.

Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) announced a strategic partnership with Reboot Coding Institute (Reboot01), a pioneering educational establishment in Bahrain. This collaboration aims to revolutionize digital skills training for students, aligning with Bahrain’s Vision 2030 for a knowledge-based economy.

Under this partnership, led by CSB's Head of the Executive Committee, Mariam Al Kooheji, and Reboot01’s Managing Director, Mr. Yanal Jallad, students will have access to a cutting-edge technology curriculum developed in collaboration with the globally renowned 01Edu. This program is designed to foster proficiency in full-stack software development.

The innovative curriculum, exclusive to CSB, offers a comprehensive learning journey over three years for students in grades 4 through 12, with each year tailored to progressively advanced skill levels. The first year introduces students to coding fundamentals through engaging platforms like Scratch and ROBLOX. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills like game development, project-based learning, and computational thinking.

In the second year, students can delve into animation & design, web development, and block-based robotics, depending on the resources available. This phase aims to build on the foundational skills acquired in the first year, introducing students to more complex concepts and practical applications.

The third year offers an optional, advanced program focusing on mobile and web development, data science, machine learning, and cybersecurity. This stage is designed to equip students with specialized skills, preparing them for future careers in technology and digital innovation. This partnership marks a significant milestone in CSB’s commitment to providing top-tier education and preparing its students for the digital future. The collaboration with Reboot Coding Institute represents a shared vision to empower the youth of Bahrain with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital world.

Canadian School Bahrain’s Principal, Bill Bartlett said: "We are excited about this partnership with Reboot Coding Institute. Our aim has always been to provide education that transcends traditional boundaries. By integrating cutting-edge digital skills into our curriculum, we are preparing our students to be innovators and leaders in the digital age. This partnership is a step towards achieving Bahrain's Vision 2030, where empowered youth lead the charge in a knowledge-based economy."

From his side, Reboot Coding Institute’s Managing Director, Mr. Yanal Jallad commented by saying: “At Reboot, we are driven by the transformative power of technology to empower young minds. Our partnership with Canadian School Bahrain marks an important step in setting a new standard for K-12 tech education in Bahrain. Together, we are committed to fostering a generation of digitally adept and fluent graduates, equipped to thrive in a technology-driven world."

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