High School

High School

Senior years begin at Grade 9 where students, in co-ed classes transition into the BC Graduation Program – Grades 10 – 12. Grade 9 and 10 courses consist of required courses as per the BC and Bahrain Ministry of Education. Grade 11 and 12 are the years where students elect courses that meet the BC graduation requirement.
High school
High school

The Arabic courses are part of the CSB requirements that fully meet the BC graduation course requirements.

Once our Senior school is established, CSB also plans on adding Advanced Placement Courses.
We are committed to developing critical thinkers. A deep understanding of how we think enables us to capitalize on problem solving opportunities through creative and critical thinking.

Innovation comes through curiosity and the investigation of that might be with a willingness to take risks and make connections across a wide array of disciplines.

We also want our Senior students to participate in community outreach, exploring ways to interact with others making their lives better.

The required BC Career Life program will build on the leadership skills students have been learning through the elementary and middle years at CSB. ​

They will be challenged to internalize and personalize the values they have practiced, so that they become a part of their adult identity.​

At the end of their Senior year, our students will be well prepared to face the uncertainties of their future. They will have the thinking skills, the knowledge and the exposure to some of the latest technology to become entrepreneurial and confident in their approach towards building a successful future. ​

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