About Kooheji Family

About Kooheji Family

Founded in 1973 by two visionary brothers, Abdul Hameed and Abdul Ghaffar Al Kooheji, Kooheji Group is a major Bahraini family-owned conglomerate with over 50 years of history. As one of the most well-respected family company names in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Their commitment to sustainability and growth is evident in their dedication to corporate social responsibility, environmental stewardship, and ethical business practices. They believe that by creating a positive environment, they can help build a successful future for all.

The Abdulrahim Kooheji Foundation is a charitable organization registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, established by the company. It seeks to support and develop the charity sector in order to build a good example and sustainable future. The Foundation prioritizes projects that are in line with its strategies and objectives, and works in partnership with specialized institutions, government entities, and official associations in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

For many years, Kooheji Foundation has participated in a wide range of educational initiatives and is presently spearheading diverse and sustainable social programs. 

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