Hand by Hand

Hand by Hand



Fostering Community Connection and Leadership Excellence.

The Hand-by-Hand Club is an integral part of the Canadian School Bahrain, dedicated to nurturing a sense of community responsibility and leadership among students. Our club offers a platform for students to engage deeply with the community, fostering skills that extend far beyond the classroom.

Program Highlights:

  • Robust Community Service: Our students engage in meaningful community service activities, learning the importance of giving back and understanding the impact of their actions on the wider community.
  • Leadership and Team Management: We emphasize developing strong leadership qualities, enabling students to lead teams and manage projects effectively. This hands-on experience prepares them for future roles as influential leaders.
  • Financial Education and Entrepreneurship: Practical lessons in financial management, including buying, selling, and profit generation, are a cornerstone of our program. These skills are vital for students to effectively contribute to community projects.
  • Innovative Thinking for Social Good: We encourage creative problem-solving, inspiring students to devise innovative ways to serve society better.
  • Cultural Engagement and Preservation: A significant focus is placed on promoting Bahrain’s local identity and culture. Students interact with various community groups, including elders and children, fostering a deep appreciation and understanding of our rich cultural heritage.

Future Vision and Collaborations:

Looking ahead, the Hand-by-Hand Club is excited to broaden its societal impact. We plan to collaborate with organizations like the Bahrain Travelers Association, aiming to extend our reach and influence, not just within the Kingdom of Bahrain but internationally.

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