Student Council

Student Council

At CSB, students are offered many opportunities to develop and showcase their leadership skills.

Part of developing that ‘capacity to lead’ means providing formal leadership opportunities for our students, such as involvement in Student Council, as well as supporting student-led initiatives, including Community Service programs, athletic leadership, and clubs.

A student council is a group of student leaders that collaborate together to impact their school community. The purpose of the student council is to give students an opportunity to develop leadership by organizing and carrying out school activities and service projects, bringing the ideas, interests and concerns of their classmates to the meeting, collaborating with other student council members to problem-solve and help make the school a better place.

Through these initiatives, CSB students learn to take ownership of their educational experience and contribute positively to their school environment. They emerge as empowered individuals, equipped with the skills and confidence to lead and excel in diverse settings, both academically and socially.

The aim of the student council is to develop the student's personalities nationally, socially, athletically, and culturally.
We strive to enhance the spirit of cooperation and the concept of teamwork among students as well as strengthen the ties between them and the administrative and educational bodies.
Student Council
Student Council
Student Council
Student Council

Students learn how to develop a leadership spirit among their peers and give them the opportunity to responsibly express their opinions.

Our Middle School Students from Grades 5 to Grade 9 are learning different skills within the Student Council such as leadership, professionalism, how to work together and achieve results as well as taking on responsibilities to help the counseling team.

Students have been tasked with collaborating and generating ideas for Spirit Week, CSR initiatives, and community outreach to better enhance the social and personal responsibilities of each student.

Our High School Students on Student Council take the leadership role of the council and are mentors to the middle school students on council.

This structured approach to student leadership fosters a culture of mutual respect and learning, where high school students gain valuable experience in guiding and inspiring younger peers. These initiatives not only enrich our school community but also equip our students with essential life skills that will benefit them in their future academic and professional endeavors.

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