CSB - Recognized as an Excellent School by BC Offshore School Program Inspectors


In a prestigious acknowledgment of its high educational standards, Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) has been recognized as an excellent school in its implementation of the British Columbia (B.C.) curriculum. This notable achievement, marking CSB’s fourth consecutive year of high performance, follows a detailed inspection by esteemed contractors of the B.C. Ministry of Education.

Leading the inspection team are the esteemed Ms. Wendy Hyer and Mr. Piet Langstraat, each renowned for their significant contributions and expertise in the field of education. Wendy Hyer, who has recently concluded an impressive 11-year tenure as Superintendent of Schools/CEO for School District No. 67 (Okanagan Skaha), possesses a rich experience of over 30 years in educational leadership. Her career journey includes pivotal roles such as principal and Assistant Superintendent at District No. 58 (Nicola-Similkameen). Celebrated for her collaborative leadership style and exceptional communication skills, Wendy has been instrumental in elevating student achievement. She now continues to impact the educational sector as an independent consultant, involved in critical roles like BC Offshore School Inspector and Education Program Auditor. Wendy is also an academic, holding a Master’s Degree in Education Administration and contributing as a term instructor at Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.



Piet Langstraat, with a multifaceted career that spans various key educational positions, brings a depth of understanding and experience. His journey through roles as teacher, vice principal, principal, and Superintendent/CEO across several districts, including the Greater Victoria School District and the Red Deer Public School District, underlines his versatile leadership capabilities. Piet’s expertise is not limited to educational administration but extends to strategic planning, governance, and financial resource alignment, serving as a senior consultant to diverse organizations. His involvement as a member of the BC Education Funding Framework Review Panel and as a Special Advisor to the Minister of Education further underscores his influential role in shaping educational policy. Recently, Piet’s appointment as Deputy Commissioner of the BC Ferry Commission has added another dimension to his extensive leadership experience.

During their inspection visit at Canadian School Bahrain, Wendy Hyer and Piet Langstraat focused on key areas such as curriculum delivery, teacher planning, and classroom instruction, emphasizing critical thinking skills and technology integration. Their expertise and thorough evaluation methodologies underscored CSB’s commitment to blending the B.C. curriculum with local Bahraini culture and educational elements.

Piet Langstraat, an inspector with the BC Offshore School Program for the BC Ministry of Education and Child Care in Canada, recently praised the Canadian School Bahrain (CSB) during his inspection visit. He commented, “I have been in thousands of schools across Canada and internationally; what I have seen in Canadian School Bahrain is a very cohesive team of professionals working together to provide excellent education. Their blend of high academic standards and a student-cantered approach is highly commendable.

In our thorough inspection, we found that CSB not only meets but also excels in the rigorous standards set by the BC Ministry of Education. The school would be a distinguished addition to any district in British Columbia, including my own. The considerable investment made by the school’s founder in enhancing the campus, including appointing coordinators, head teachers, and a dedicated Academic Principal, clearly demonstrates a commitment to building a robust educational toolbox for the future.

During our visit, we observed and interacted with over 50 teachers in 35 classrooms, witnessing firsthand the high level of teaching and assessment methods. The students’ engagement, especially in technologically advanced environments, was impressive. It’s evident that students at CSB are happy, engaged, and love coming to their school.



The teachers’ meticulous planning and the school’s overall excellence are noteworthy. Furthermore, the seamless integration of the Education curriculum in Bahrain with the B.C. curriculum is impressive. The Arabic team integrates the requirements of the BC curriculum very well and they are being applied in a holistic manner. Usually, we see the Arabic and the B.C. program being taught entirely separately but at CSB they were able to adapt the BC competency and teaching methods into the Arabic curriculum.  The school would be an outstanding addition to any district in British Columbia including my own. The considerable investment by the school’s founder in enhancing the campus infrastructure, adding skilled coordinators, head teachers, and a dedicated Academic Principal, is a testament to his commitment to building a solid foundation for future educational success. This investment by the founder has significantly contributed to the school’s ability to provide high-quality teaching and a comprehensive educational experience.”

This vision by the founder Mr. Abdulghaffar Al Kooheji is an act of a noble man that has significantly contributed to providing high-quality comprehensive educational experiences preparing students for the future.” he added.

After completing their inspection, Ms. Hyer and Mr. Langstraat presented their findings and ratings to the board, executive management, and faculty at CSB, ensuring an inclusive understanding of the school’s performance. Subsequently, these findings were shared directly with the CSB parents, showcasing a transparent and direct communication approach that aligns with CSB’s core values of prioritizing students and their families.

As they announced that CSB has been recognized as an excellent school for the fourth consecutive year, that comes as a testament to our unwavering commitment to high educational standards and the successful implementation of the B.C. curriculum. This is not just an achievement; it’s a reflection of our dedication to nurturing future leaders.

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