Dogwood  graduation Certificate

Dogwood graduation Certificate

The Dogwood Certificate

The Dogwood certificate is the certificate Canadian School Bahrain students will receive from the British Columbia Ministry of Education verifying that they have successfully completed their Grade 12 requirements for BC and Bahrain.

The BC Dogwood is named after a flowering tree, which grows plentifully in British Columbia.

This certificate is based on their Student Transcript Grades, a document that lists all the courses they took in Grades 10 – 12 to complete their Graduation Program.

Students receive full BC credits for each of their Arabic, Social and Citizenship and Islamic Studies courses.

It is truly a significant Graduation Certificate that reflects an outstanding education. The certificate and BC transcript have received global recognition meeting the entrance requirements in top universities around the world.

Our graduation certificate ‘Dogwood’ is issued by the B.C. Ministry of Education and indicates that the student has successfully completed all of the required courses.

The diploma that students receive is exactly the same as diplomas Canadian students in Canada receive.

BC curriculum is one of the top curriculums within Canada. It is equivalent to a Bahraini secondary school graduation certificate.

Earning the 'Dogwood' diploma from Canadian School Bahrain signifies not only the completion of the BC curriculum but also represents a globally recognized standard of education. This equivalence to Bahraini secondary school certification underscores the diploma's international value, opening doors for graduates both locally and abroad.

In future years, the plan is for students to have the opportunity to take Advanced Placement (AP) Courses offered through the American College Board.

The AP program will give our students the choice of taking college-level courses and exams and the opportunity to earn university credit and advanced placement. Offering these courses will prepare students additionally for life by broadening their intellectual horizons. While not for every student, AP will give students more choice and opportunity. Transcripts will identify advanced AP courses.

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