Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders: Canadian School Bahrain Hosts UN Sustainability Fair


Canadian School Bahrain hosted the Sustainable Development Fair, a remarkable demonstration of the school’s commitment to global sustainability. This event showcased the innovative spirit of the students as they contributed towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The fair provided a platform for students from Middle School grades 5 to 9, to deeply engage with the SDGs through practical and impactful projects.

These projects included demonstrating the efficiency of renewable energy with solar ovens and promoting sustainable water use through a school-based recycling initiative. A standout feature was the “Trashion Show”, where students transformed recycled materials into high-fashion, wearable art, promoting environmental sustainability and creativity. The presence of Ms. Jehan S. Al-Murbati, Portfolio Manager at the United Nations Development Programme in the Kingdom of Bahrain, highlighted the importance of educational initiatives in driving sustainable development.

Ms. Jehan Al-Murbati commended the Canadian School Bahrain for its proactive approach to integrating the SDGs into its educational framework. “The Canadian School Bahrain’s commitment
to sustainability through education is not only commendable but essential for nurturing the leaders of tomorrow. These students embody the spirit of the SDGs and showcase the potential of young minds to lead the charge toward a more sustainable future”, Ms. Al-Murbati remarked.

Ms. Abby, the Academic Principal at Canadian School Bahrain, also emphasized the integration of SDGs into the school’s curriculum: “At CSB, the SDGs are not just extracurricular—they permeate every aspect of our educational offerings. Integrated within our core subjects, students learn about these practices and actively apply them in various community initiatives. This approach ensures that our students are not only well-versed in theory but also adept at applying these critical sustainability practices in real-world contexts.”

The exhibition was more than a showcase of student projects; it was a vivid demonstration of the school’s ethos of nurturing responsible, informed global citizens. The diverse range of topics
covered by the students highlighted their comprehensive understanding of sustainability and their passion for making a tangible impact.
Marine conservation was also a focal point, resonating deeply with Bahrain’s unique status as an island nation. Students engaged in interactive exhibits and presentations, emphasizing the
importance of preserving marine ecosystems and addressing the impacts of climate change on coastal communities.

“This fair is a cornerstone of our commitment to fostering an environment where young leaders are born, leaders who understand the intricacies of global challenges and are equipped with the
knowledge and skills to tackle them,” said Ms. Mariam Alkooheji, Head of the Executive Committee.

The Canadian School Bahrain continues to inspire by setting exemplary standards in educational achievements and community engagement. As a beacon of progressive education in Bahrain, it
remains dedicated to initiatives that foster an innovative, inclusive, and sustainable future.

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