Campus Facilities

Campus Facilities

Learning Commons

Between the two wings of the building, we have two learning commons (LCs) that house our library, maker spaces, and break-out rooms. For elementary students, their LC is located on the first floor and they are able to access the space during break, and lunch and have weekly sessions with our LC teacher.

This LC features two breakout rooms where students can have quiet sessions with their teacher or work on projects with their teams. The middle school LC is located on the second floor and houses the library, maker spaces, and the UN SDG Hub where our SDG Club meets to discuss and execute their ideas for the dedicated SDG Goal at the time. The Learning Commons are ideal spaces for our students to explore, read in quiet areas, discuss ideas, and brainstorm with each other.

Feature list:

  • Over 8,000 physical library books in both English and Arabic as well as over 2,000 online reading resources
  • Fine motor skill activities, brain teasers, and hands-on activities for students to solve
  • Ceiling projector, speakers, and microphone system
  • Adjustable tables and chairs
  • Break out rooms (separate rooms within the LCs)

Campus Facilities